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Wireless connection. 51 megapixels photos. 4K Video.

ZBOX offers extremely long period time-lapse recording (Time Lapse). The final product is a video of construction process from start to finish point.

The main features of the system are instant online control and remote access to the footage. All photos are stored in the cloud space and available at any time. You are able to monitor the progress of construction remotely. Photo materials may be used in advertising and presentations, and at the end of shooting to show buyers or investors all the construction process.

Our system is completely Russian development. Software, hardware, thermal box, brackets, etc. are all made here. For our cloud storage, we use servers located in Russia.

Reliable. Compact and very light.

ZBOX — a reliable system operating in all weather conditions.

Operating temperature range is from −50 to +60 °C.

ZBOX camera has a compact size and weight of only 1.5 kg, which greatly simplifies installation, as well as the possibility of mounting on the roof without drilling it.

The body has an internal heating and ventilation, our cameras are working even above the Arctic Circle. The backup battery power system provides extra reliability.

ZBOX system determines sunrise and sunset and you will not miss your best shot.

We provide warranty and planned maintenance of the installed equipment.

Ultrahigh resolution

Our clients

Main advantages

  • Operates on any cellular network (3G, 4G — LTE)
  • Ultra high resolution pictures — from 19 to 51 MP
  • Professional lenses and ultra wide-angle lenses (108º degrees)
  • Temperature range from −50 to +60 ºC
  • The body has an internal heating and ventilation
  • Classification system degree of protection IP66
  • Camera weight — 1.5 kg
  • Can be installed on the roof without drilling it
  • A power loss alert system
  • Monitoring and access to any photo of the entire period
  • Photo archive is securely stored at the cloud servers
  • 5 years of work experience

Service and Support

Our experts have all necessary permission to work at height.

We provide warranty and planned maintenance of the installed equipment.